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Bring back the Bombshell!

I love being a woman, and all that entails. Alexis has always been a mentor to me. We met while shooting one of the many Playboy covers - 1st one we did together was the Conehead cover with Dan Ackroyd. And my favorite Black cover. And my favorite Playboy shoot in St Tropez. We have so many funny stories. I think Alexis should write a book on how to flirt- she has taught me a lot. We were both raised by funny, beautiful, glamorous women. I wish that for everyone. We both love makeup and all the femaleness of life. Goddess energy. Girl power. So these are our little secrets, tricks we've learned over the years. I think we should do a sexy advice column. Where we can share our family secrets of seduction, playfulness and sultriness. While remaining vulnerable and imperfect too. We are so blessed to have had the lives we have. We all have bumps in the road and things we need to overcome - but looking forward and being happy are the goals. I'm excited about our 2 vegan, cruelty free bombshell collections. Pamela pink and Pamela nude.

Stay tuned for our start to finish tutorial coming soon.

A portion of the proceeds will go to the Pamela Anderson Foundation to give to people on the front lines - risking their lives for vulnerable people, animals and the planet-

I'm so happy to collaborate with my favorite makeup artist and dear big sister Alexis.

We both wish you all the love and romance in this crazy precious world.

Let's make it even more beautiful. By being as beautiful as we can be.

Playtime has begun.

Women can do it all. Don't let anyone tell you different.

Men too. - I know I have a lot of friends in drag. But, isn't that all this is? We love you.

Natural beauty takes at least an hour in front of the mirror.

When you feel like you look your best, you are at your most powerful, in all your relationships. It even makes you a better mom.

Enjoy our bombshell kits. They are so much fun.

Love and kisses,

Pamela and Alexis.